Metal Roofing Systems

Wide variety of styles, highly fire resistance, very energy efficient, and a proven life expectancy of 50+ years.

A Long Lasting Roof

That Pays for Itself Over Time. Typical asphalt roofing shingles begin to degrade the instant they are installed. The home’s attractiveness and protection is rapidly weakened by simply unappealing streaking as well as curling. Your home’s interior is in risk to high temperature, damage from water along with the elements since asphalt shingles start to shed their granules thus becoming less protective while the roof is only days old. “30 year shingles” rarely last beyond 15 to 20, at the same time keeping the cooling expenditures higher as well as your home less appealing.

Provo residential roof replacement
metal roofing services

Metal roofing

is among the fastest growing sectors associated with home improvement - in excess of quadrupling its share of the market within the last 10 years. The advantages offered by today’s metal roofs permit property owners to upgrade their homes with a roofing system of long-term value. While other roof types rapidly lessen in value as time passes, metal roofing systems provide your home or property with long lasting protection:

  • Proven performance life expectancy of 50+ years.
  • Wide variety of styles and colors to match any home or neighborhood.
  • Interlocking panels for increased wind resistance.
  • Superior fire resistance.
  • Reflects heat away from your roof thus keeping home cooler and energy efficient. 
  • Low weight helps to preserve the integrity of your home's structure.
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With an A+ BBB rating and over 20 years experience as well our roofing staff is manufacturer trained and certified by 6 of the leading roofing material brands. Our certifications – CertatainTeed, Carlisle, Duro-Last, FiberTight, IB Roof Systems and Dibiten.